Starts from here

 Presentation of the Project

Creating a project plan which is presented by the company.

Company Presentation

Meeting with the Management staff of the company SBFD FRIGO Sh.p.k.

Acceptance of Work

Approval of the project plan, by the client, to start with this work.

 Getting started

Realization of work step by step, according to the project plan.

 Completion of Project

Finishing successfully the project as required by the client.

Hand over the project

Another success for the company.

About Us

SBFD FRIGO company operates in the market since 2007. In its beginnings the company provided technical assistance for refrigerating rooms, refrigerating doors, attachment – detachment, transfers etc, which gave the company the opportunity to expand its activities in all areas of cooling.

Today SBFD FRIGO company operates in the market with all its capacity required for the cooling field. The company provides services ranging from
refrigerating projects, refrigerating rooms with dimensions and shapes of all kinds, design and construction of refrigeration industrial chambers and refrigerating storage (projects “from A to Z”), furnishing of shops and supermarkets , ice manufacturers, spare parts etc.

Projects and Products

In any project, the most important thing is confidence towards success.



Our success is based on strong partnership.